Who is Doradi?

We are a 100% Romanian share company, very dynamic and with a team of 23 years experience in the field, well acquainted with the FMCG market, offering integrated services of supply chain management, having over 2000 SKUs portfolio, more than 550 active clients per month

The secret of our success stems from the experience of courage, team spirit and confidence that we are addressing the opportunities that the market can offer us in this increasingly dynamic segment, to which we adapt with ease

Indeed, the competition is tight, with players more or less reporting on the market trend, but important is the confidence vote given to our company, which puts forward difficult competitive advantages

De ce Doradi?
Fast delivery
Long term collaboration with mutually beneficial terms
Major and continuous investment in people, fleet, logistics, systems
The dedicated sales force, specializing in the market channels we are addressing
Brand portfolio of prestige, variety and quality of products
The sustainable competitive advantages of our partnerships allow us to maintain and improve our market position by: